RJR Maintenance Group

RJR Maintenance Group is a leader and first choice in property services. Our expert knowledge in all aspects of building maintenance allows us to provide you with the highest quality property solutions. We offer a professional staff of experienced consultants to analyze your needs for building renovations as well as full service building maintenance.

At RJR, our mission is to focus on your facilities so that you are free to focus on your business. For more than 10 years, our unrivaled team has been managing and constructing every aspect of our clients' facilities with expertise, experience, accountability and 24\7 immediate response times, wherever and whenever, the need arises.

We guarantee the highest quality people, processes and work product at highly competitive fees, keeping your cost structure and bottom line in focus.

RJR Maintenance is available to assist with any and all issues that spring up any time of day or night with equal commitment and attention to detail. The ability to count on us as your "go to" firm is what makes us your partner in facilities and construction.

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At RJR we stand proud for getting the job done. We develop a strong strategy aimed at meeting all our clients' needs for a green healthy clean work area as well as all physical indoor improvements.

We aim to save you money and to allow you to continue to grown your business at the highest level possible through your work environment.

Our commitment to the environment and green sustainability allows us to create a comfortable work environment for your employees. We are fully committed to the green approach for all businesses


  • After trying a few other maintenance companies and being very disappointed, we were ecstatic to find RJR maintenance. Their work ethics, high quality service and a great amount of trust, allows us to be beyond satisfied.
    We will look no further; our future building maintenance strategies are set. John R. Building Supervisor

  • The above average excellence in service and commitment along with their reputation in the industry helped us choose RJR Maintenance for our building. Our residential residents along with our commercial clients are more than satisfied. Thanks RJR. Kevin S. Chief in Charge of Maintenance

  • As an owner of buildings, I was always looking for a trustworthy and reliable maintenance company. We have hired RJR Maintenance Group and are very satisfied. They are everything their reputation says they are high quality service along with first class maintenance, a full professional trustworthy staff that is ready to meet the needs of each building. Michael A. Chief Operations Officer

  • The services offered by RJR Maintenance fulfill the needs of all buildings, large and small. They take care of our exterminating, duct cleaning, construction needs of all types, all with top of the line equipment. We know we can rely and trust them; they are truly a leader in their field. John S. President